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Aniya and the Beast

Aniya had her very first dance recital. We are super proud of this spunky child of mine. She was so excited to do her dance with her other classmates. The theme of the recital was Beauty and the Beast. It was a full production of the story. Costumes were on point, and the dancing was impeccable. The dance company spent a lot of time and resources on making sure this presentation was first class. However, they forgot to practice with the beast.

When Aniya's group went out she was the last one. Not because that is how it was suppose to go in the order, it was because she saw the character of the Beast and became frightened. She pulled her hair and cried something terrible. She cried so much that she had to be carried out to the stage by the character of Belle. We were like... only Aniya. Once she finally arrived to the stage she took just a few moments to gather herself and begin her dance. Once she began dancing, the beautiful smile emerged and she gracefully executed her performance with excellence. We were so proud.

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