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Do What You Are Designed To Do

My family has been in Texas this week on Spring Break. It has been a GREAT time of refreshing along with making memories that will last forever. Another huge thing that has happened on this trip is my love for writing blogs has come back. This is my 10th blog entry this week. It is amazing. I plan to do at least 3 more before the weekend. I know it's a lot... my wife already corrected me and told me to hold on to some of them. However, I am truly enjoying being able to feel the keyboard under my fingers, and allow my mind to just flow.

I am once again in my favorite spot this whole trip. On the back deck of the boat house looking at the lake. The other morning the lake was very peaceful, today... not so much. The waves are crashing against each other creating the most beautiful waves that are topped with just a small amount of white foam. The sound is extremely relaxing as it has not rhythmic pattern or time. The deck is wet from the force of the waves as they crash into the stilts that hold this formation above water.

The water, in this situation, has no other job but to obey the movement of creation. There is nothing I can do to stop the water from the intensity of the waves. Honestly, there's nothing I could do, or nothing I would do. The water is operating as it has been designed to do. The water in this lake is also home to the many fish in the lake. Well... it may not be that many fish in the lake. We have tried catching fish all week and only caught about 6. In closing, the water is doing what it is designed to do... are you doing what you were designed to do? When we find our true calling, we are able to function effortlessly in the spirit of excellence.

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