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Love is What Love Does

I went to our basketball game tonight with the intention of supporting my basketball team... what I didn't expect was to be encountered with an educational revival. I met Mrs. Brelinda Sullen the previous day when she came to Childersburg for the girls' game. We spoke and she was special. There was something about her that reminded me of myself. She was extremely genuine, and she supported her students.

I walked into Booker T Washington and almost cried. I felt the love and energy from the moment I walked in. It felt like home. The entire vibe was electrifying. I found myself cheering for both teams several times during the game. Mrs. Sullen came and found me and invited me to the hospitality room. She even had pizzas and drinks for our players. My heart leaped with joy. Unfortunately in education there is a lot of jealousy. Many school leaders are so busy promoting themselves that they don't try to help their fellow educators in meeting the needs of students. That is definitely not the case with Mrs. Sullen.

On the way home, I shed tears of joy. My soul had been awakened. I thought to myself... am I doing enough? Can my parents and students see the same passion from me that I saw from Mrs. Sullen? I pondered all of these things overnight. I did come to a conclusion, leadership is different for different people. We are both doing what's best for our kids. Providing support for our students is the number one priority... For schools that truly care.

I put in a call to the superintendent of Macon County Schools Dr. Brooks to tell her how impressed I was with what I saw. She told me that she absolutely loves and honors that work of Mrs. Sullen. Don't get it twisted, Dr. Brooks is an educational giant herself. I've followed her work for a few years. Definitely a leader to learn from.

There's a documentary about Mrs. Sullen. I hope to see it in person soon.

Love you Mrs. Sullen! You reminded me of my mission!

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