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Words Have Meaning

This email is probably one of the most influential emails that I have read in a few weeks. This email is from a student that has by far been my challenge this year as a mentor and as a principal. Most of the interactions with this student have been EXTREMELY negative. If I'm totally honest, I believe it is because we are a similar in some areas. At his age, I too was very opinionated, sarcastic, silly, and enjoyed every opportunity to be less than productive.

I must say that this student has really changed here lately. He has matured! Our conversations are turning positive. He even gave me the 100 emoji. That takes time to do on a Chromebook!!! Or maybe he responded on his phone... (wait a minute...) Nonetheless, his email has restored my hope in humanity and the art of mentorship. I have said it many times before... RELATIONSHIPS move schools!

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