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Where has the time gone? My daughter attended her last Prom as a High School Senior. I remember the days that I would take her with me as I had to chaperone, and by being a single father, I did not have a baby sitter. My daughter has blossomed into a beautiful flower right in front of my eyes. She is so passionate about Christ and very sensitive. She loves her family with her whole heart, and she has a reverence for me as her father that is beyond belief. I remember as a small child, at the mention of my name she would instantly stop doing whatever she was doing that she wasn't supposed to do and cry. I would only have to speak her name and she would instantly discipline herself. Now, she didn't do all of that at that young age to be scared of me, she did it because she respected and honored me. Even as she does now as an almost 18 young lady.

My daughter "slayed" prom. She was fully dressed and displayed elegance as a true queen. She did not have a date this year, and I had more of a problem with that then she did. She knew that we have strict rules about who can take her out on dates, and she knew that she couldn't just bring any old joker in our house. Kiesha had the best time getting ready for prom. She picked her dress, her shoes, her purse, her nails, and basically everything. My wife did her make up, (gorgeous hun) and she looked like a natural beauty. Sometimes these girls look like amatuer clowns with the eyebrows and all. I am partial, but I believe that my daughter was the best dressed, most gorgeous, most confident, all around best girl at prom. This picture describes our relationship. Crazy thing is that we didn't know the photographer was even shooting the picture.

My daughter had an amazing time at prom. We are going to recreate a picture in just a few weeks of our first prom together.

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