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Happy Birthday Momma...

Happy Birthday to my beautiful and loving mother. It's still unreal to believe that she is gone... I know that she's in a better place, but it doesn't change the void that I feel daily without her being here. This birthday hit differently than birthdays in the past. I'm not sure if it is because I have been working non-stop on the book and promoting her story, or if I'm just getting older and adapting to the harsh reality that won't ever let up. Nonetheless... I celebrated her birthday by doing things that my mother loved to do the most... kinda lol

I worked out with my new gym partners. Let me just say, this gym family is awesome. It's normally four guys from four different walks of life that gather together to share views and work on improving our lives together. It's some of the best conversation and fun to have at 5:30 am. I worked out because my momma always told us to work hard. I had every reason to sleep in today, but I didn't.

I talked to some of my friends. If you knew my momma, you knew that she loved to talk. She would talk to any and everyone about any and everything. I have a lot of friends, but I only keep a few in rotation for daily conversation and phone calls. My people, they know who they are, reached out and that meant a lot... it always does.

I was kind. My mom told us to always be kind. It was the last day of school, so we decided to give all employees an early release. It was extremely appreciated. I was able to visit 4/6 of my schools and talk to many of the educators that have worked their behinds off this year. Talladega City Schools are special!

I took a nap. Yep, I did. I haven't taken a nap in months. My mother loved to take a good ole nap. I see why... LOL. The nap refreshed me and allowed me to get a second wind. Take a nap if you haven't in a while. It will do your heart good.

I am actually having to wrap this up quickly because I'm about to take my son to All-Star Baseball Practice. My mom supported her children. All of us. She wasn't at every game, nor was she at every event... but she supported us nonetheless. Being an actively involved parent is different than just having children.

In conclusion... Momma... We love you and miss you. Your life was never in vain. You gave us your all and that is all that we could have ever asked for... It wasn't about the presents... it was about your presence. Continue to rest in the arms of our Father. I'll continue to tell others of you as long as I shall live.

Love You Forever!

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