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Time... The one thing that we really can't pay any amount of money to have. In our society, we have this preconceived notion that we can pay for time. For example, we are here in Azle Texas for a family trip. We were looking for a race car track place for the kids to play. One place was charging $22 for one race. That race would have been 14 laps around an indoor track. Now, if it were an adult thing, it would be no problem, but with several small kids, that is a lot of money. My mother, (wife's mom) created a game for the kids to play. The game only used plastic cups, water, and a little bit of mustard to make the water yellow. The kids played this game for about 45 minutes. Even my brother in law and I got in on the action. Instead of paying approximately $225 for about 15 minutes of fun for a family, we paid $0 and created memories that will last a lifetime.

In closing, spend your time wisely. Take extra deep breaths to experience life. Make opportunities to reflect and ultimately process internally often. As I am writing this blog I am sitting on a deck of a boat house with my father. (There will be a whole entry dedicated to my father in the days to come.) All I can say is that this is a time that I will cherish forever, and a time that God created just for me to experience.

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