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A Rapper is Born

As a Principal of a school that is 1:1 with technology, we monitor our student usage constantly. We have this computer management system that alerts us of inappropriate usage as well as dangerous situations that may harm students. I received a notification (2nd time actually) from a student that was using Google Docs to lay some tracks. Translations: He typed his rap in Google Docs. I am all for creativity, however profanity should be limited, well actually eliminated when it's associated with school. Apparently my student was auditioning for the Migos or either A$AP Rocky with his "ill" lyrics. See Below: Edited for the PG audience. I responded, see also below.

Moral of the story... How many principals drop a diss tape to students? It was all in fun. I'm pretty sure it was the most epic response ever.

Educators- step outside the box and relate to students. It will mean the world to them.

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