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Birthday Celebration

September 20th is definitely a holiday in my opinion. Why, you may ask... because it is my birthday. I may be a little biased, but I really think that a Legend was born on September 20th.

Late Disclaimer... This post is not educational... all reflective.

My birthday this year was the BEST birthday celebration that I have had in a long time. My wife and children surprised me the Saturday before with a full day of fun. My family bought me a new suit. I really needed one!! They also bought me 2 really cool bowties. (see pic above). We also went to K&J Pastries in Alabaster. If you have not visited them... PLEASE GO!!! They are amazing. I did not get diabetes, but it was VERY sweet, and good. When we arrived home, some of our most favorite people in the world were there... The Allens, and The Holloways. I have NEVER had a true surprise party. Moving on to the week... My AP Brittanni Brown spoiled me on Wednesday with Keto Donuts and lunch. It was amazing, then on my actual birthday Dr. Vicky Ozment provided cupcakes from Small Cakes. They were amazing. My family wasn't through with the surprises. My daughter made me a care package for my desk that included Keto Snickers, and my beloved Apple Juice. My two smaller babies brought me two bags filled with other gifts. My amazing wife had Shari's Berries sent to my office. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

My school kids "thrashed" my office with balled up notes of love and appreciation... However my janitors are so efficient, they thought it was thrash and cleaned it up. Nonetheless, the kids were proud of their efforts.

I received over 450 comments and 400 likes showing love for my birthday. The love shown was amazing. It was also the day I released this site!!! Super Glad that I used my birthday to launch this project. I've been sitting on it for a while... Now it's time to take action.

In closing, Thanks for sharing and celebrating my birthday with me. It's amazing to feel the love from so many people. I pray continued blessings on you all.

Happy Birthday Dr. Lee- 37 years of building this dynasty...

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