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Bruce Is On The Way

I don't do well with goodbyes. They are really hard for me to process. Not sure exactly why, but it is what it is. This goodbye is more of a see ya later. Mrs. Brittanni Brown (don't spell her name wrong) is my Assistant Principal. We met a few years back, and she actually interviewed for another position I had open 4 years ago right after Baylee (her daughter) was born. Things didn't work out and I didn't give it another thought. Then in July of 2017, I got a phone call about moving schools. I instantly asked who the Assistant Principal was, and it was Brittanni Brown. Let's just say the rest is history. From day one of our conversation she was a powerhouse. I found someone who had the same drive as I did for education. I got the job at Childersburg 14 days before school opened. Somebody (not mentioning any names) decided to come up with a cool triangle pattern for the staircase. I gave her the go ahead and she went to the school on a Sunday and painted the staircase by herself. I loved it so much, we painted the entire school. We stayed there one night until 3:05am henceforth the name of the murals. She was and is a hard worker.

We really connected during Homecoming. If you know me, you know that I go all out during homecoming week. Let's just say she was right there with me. Our Principal pairing is absolutely phenomenal. We balance each other out. She's also a pretty good email checker... (I'm still fasting about my emails). As you can tell by the pictures, we have a good time. We also work really well with holding each other accountable. I believe our school will attest to the partnership that we have. The kids love it too.

I've also become a part of the Brown family. Brandon, her husband, was VERY quiet at first. It didn't take me long to realize that he is a super silly guy that cracks jokes 98% percent of the time. I can't forget my lil partner Baylee. When I first met Baylee she called me "Mr. Leaf", I have now upgraded to Dr. Lee. She's a super smart young lady with a heart of gold. Brittanni told me that she was expecting Bruce mid last year. I was so happy for them. I know that he will complement this already dynamic family. I can't wait to see the amazing personality he will have. I will also try my best to teach him how to dougie at a young age.

Mrs. Brown I will miss you terribly. I have offered to babysit Bruce while you run the school. I mean, you could just bring him up there to the school. We could switch him out with teachers during their planning periods. Enjoy this time of transition with your family. Don't worry about us at the school, we will be fine.

Signed- Brantavius' favorite Uncle

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