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Chick Fil A

Chick Fil A is a part of our American Culture just as much as Apple Pie. Who can deny the refreshing goodness of a Chick Fil A sandwich? Let's not forget the Polynesian sauce... YUM YUM. Tonight Chick Fil A did a fundraiser to help our band program. If you mentioned CHS Band 15% of your purchase would be donated to our band program. That is an AMAZING partnership. Even though we were there for a fundraiser, we all had family time together as a school.

It was amazing to see parents and students ALL eating together in harmony. Many band parents, who work extremely hard in the concession stand, were able to sit down comfortably and enjoy a meal while looking at their child interact with their peers. I was able to speak with parents, grandparents, and community members about the many positive things going on at our school. It was amazing.

The staff at Chick Fil A is ALWAYS on point. There was a woman that came to my table to refill my drink cup. She brought back a full cup of delightful liquid that tasted better since she fixed it with love. The thing that sets this establishment apart from other restaurants is the impeccable customer service. Imagine how classrooms would look if we all adopted the Chick Fil A attitude in our classrooms. This goes for both teachers and students. Chick Fil A workers take pride in their product and their experience... shouldn't educators as well?

Thank You Chick Fil A Sylacauga for showing Childersburg High School Band some love. It gave us an opportunity to get outside of our school walls and show love at another location.

Polynesian Sauce is the BEST!!! Hands Down!!! Let's Argue

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