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CHS Essential Workers

Excerpt from The Daily Home Newspaper- Shane Dunaway

Childersburg High Principal Dr. Quentin Lee commended Johnson for her resolve and work ethic, both in and out of the classroom.

“Tavaria is a first-class student,” he said. “She’s been extremely dedicated to her school for as long as she’s been there. She’s extremely involved, she works hard and she’s extremely proud of her school. She’s always been really goal-driven and really focuses all her energy into going to the next level.

“For her to be able to balance working as well as studying for the exams she has to come up and finish for her senior year has just been remarkable. It shows her character and the expectations that she’s put forth for her life -- to be able to deal with this pandemic that’s going on as well as providing for her future and her family.”

Lee added what Johnson and many other students in the county who are balancing education and essential work are doing will be remembered in the future.

“We study in the books about the different things our country has been through and the impact young people have played,” he said. “Now, our students are actually creating history. They’ll be able to tell generations to come about how they actually carried America on their backs simply by providing services, while at the same time earning funds for their families. I think they understand the importance of it and I think it’s given them a heightened sense of pride as well.”

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