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CHS Final Four Appearance

This is my 7th attempt at posting a status. Why? Because every time I start tears form in my eyes. Not because we didn’t win the game... WE ARE NEVER LOSERS! But I’m overwhelmed with emotions.

Earlier I posted that I had a vision to take 200. We had $1120 donated to our cause. That donation was able to help lower the cost for travel today. We didn’t take 200, we took 230.

I’m also full of emotions based upon our dynamic cheerleaders. 24 is a lot, but they are superior! Jessica is the queen of cheer.

I’m full off of all of the support in the stands today. Weeks ago I went to Booker T Washington for a game. My friend Brelinda had that place rocking she inspired me. I felt the special feeling. I felt that same feeling today at the game. I saw many of my current and former parents and students.

I’m full because our band rocked the house today! Those kids sound amazing! GREAT Job Misty and Nathan.

I’m full because my amazing wife Anita brought Cass and Aniya to the game. They Love my school! My wife cheered for the team right there with the rest of us.

Last but not least... My Girls!

CHS is a first class program! Those girls played with discipline and heart. We left it all on the floor.

It’s a joy to serve as principal of CHS!

So much more I want to say... So much more I won’t say... and So much more I could say...

But what I will say...

Childersburg Was Lit The Entire Game! 💯 🔥

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