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Culture Carriers

Just wanted to share a thought that I sent to my faculty with you.  I hope things are going well.

Good Sunday Evening, If you don't read this email until Monday morning... I'm perfectly fine with that!  I hope that we all enjoyed this weekend with family, and got some WELL Deserved rest.  Going into this week, I felt the urge to pass along a message that I received.  It's a message that has really ignited me to do some things differently on campus, and I hope that it will positively stir you too.   On our campus, we have two things that we can be... Either we can be a Culture Carrier, or a Culture Barrier.  The two rhyme, but are EXTREMELY different in nature.  Culture carriers embrace the culture of the school or organization, and find ways to positively contribute regardless of the situation.  Culture Carriers see the bigger picture, and do whatever within their means to improve the lives of others.  Culture Barriers are those that are hindering the process of the school or organization.  They find themselves complaining about everything and oftentimes, have no other better solution.  Culture Barriers are effective because they negatively affect the school or organization.  Culture Barriers are draining, and remove life from others.   In reflecting on this last week, there were times that I was definitely a Culture Carrier, but I found that I was also a Culture Barrier.  My challenge this week to you all, and myself... is to be a Culture Carrier at all times.   I went to view Ameir Townsend's body Friday after school.  It was an experience that I will never forget.  I was torn.  As many of you know, he quit school and did not finish.  He was in and out of trouble with the law, and ultimately it cost him his life.  Even though there is so much that can be said about his life negatively, he used to have a smile that would light up any room.  He was a kid that was extremely sweet and really respected teachers that went the extra mile with him.  Was he a model student? NO.  Was he a CHS student? Yes.  Did his life have value? Absolutely. Ameir is just like many of the students that we serve. They have many reasons to "not buy in" but they come to school each and every day (blended model) because we are a source of hope and inspiration.  Ameir's mother had a conversation with me.  If you care to know about that conversation, ask me.  I will not type it in this message, but I will definitely share.  As I sat there and watched Ameir in the casket, I completely lost it.  Did I say everything that I could say?  Did I show genuine compassion beyond a missed assignment or bad report from another teacher?  Did I give him everything I could?  I answered all of those questions with a yes.  Even when kids mess up, we have to be there to support them. In closing, I don't know why you got into education.  It's a different story for every person.  I will tell you that... I am in education now to help others so I don't feel the same pain I felt on Friday at the funeral home.  Let's Make It THEE BEST WEEK EVER!

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