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Edna Ruth's Boys

My mother had 6 boys. We were and have always been known as Edna Ruth's Boys. It's a title that I take GREAT pride in. Due to Nick living in Colorado, we don't have the opportunity to all be together as much. In the last 10 years, we have all only been together for Momma's death, my graduation, and a Fine Night of Huddle House.

We met up at my Aunt Rhonda's house before we headed out. Being in Scottsboro our eating options were limited, and my brothers are my mother's children so they were late. with only about 23 minutes until 9 we had to make a decision. NO one really cared where we ate, we just wanted to be together. My brother threw out the place Captain D's... I immediately began a boycott. I did not drive 2 hours for a 2 piece fish and fry. Ironically, in the next breath Huddle House was mentioned and I jumped for joy.

As soon as we arrived to Huddle House we sat down at the table. Within 20 seconds the jokes began immediately. What we enjoyed was a night of brothers loving on each other. My older brother Nick has always been my hero. He is not very emotional at all, and is still the protector of all of the Lee Boys. Nick told us he loved us without any prompting. It was the most genuine and loving thing that he has ever done. His words touched my heart, because I echoed his same sentiments.

Time went on as we talked about the good ole days. Of course our mom Edna Stone was mentioned time and time again. Every good memory had her in it some way... Even some of the bad ones. There was not arguing, even after bringing up times when we all had fights. We were doing as our mother and God commanded us to do. We were loving one another.

There was a scandal with me trying to use my card to pay for the meal... Technology... but Shingin stepped up like a real man and covered all of our meals. I will repay him someway, somehow. We took our brotherhood show on the road to Walmart. We walked up and down the aisles laughing non stop and having side conversations with each other. I was so disappointed when the night had to end. Inside I wanted to cry from anger and also from being overwhelmed with love.

I know my mother was extremely happy in what we did. Little did I know a report of High Blood Pressure and an unknown Dr. office visit would afford me the opportunity to visit my brothers and feel the presence of my mother. Till next time brother continue to carry on the legacy of the great Edna R. Stone. We may not have a lot of money, or cars, clothes, and fame... but what we do have is a bond that can't be broken, explained, or denied.

I love my brothers.

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