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Educational Peer Pressure

Educators... don't you hate when everyone else seems to know how to run your classroom better than you? People that have NEVER sat through one principles of education course, but know everything about "kids". Imagine how that feels on a administrator level. There are people that swear up and down they know how to run a school, but don't even know how to disaggregate data to determine deficit trends in student performance. ( I do have a doctorate...)

Administrators work tirelessly to protect the school culture daily. This task requires administrators to make decisions. Some decisions are yes, while others have to be no. No's are distasteful, but a part of life. Regardless of the decision, it has to be made and has to have buy-in. Sometimes getting that buy in is hard. There's a thing us humans have which is called "Feelings". One thing Pastor Chris taught me is that feelings are definitely real, but they are not always true.

As an Educator, if you make a decision and you believe it is the best decision... STICK TO IT! If you change once, you will always have to change. But before you make that decision, consider the following:

  • Does it Affect Students?

  • Analyze the Situation.

  • Is it Right or Wrong?

  • Is it something that I'm willing to support?

Regardless of what you decide... some people will never be satisfied. You can give a kid 5 bonus points, and the kid will complain about not receiving 10, just as well as telling a student "NO" when it's the only correct answer.

Educators keep fighting, and keep fighting hard. Your decisions are your decisions. If you make them with the correct intent, they should be the right decisions. If they aren't the right decisions, own up to your mistake and correct it. But if it is the Right unpopular decision, stick it out!!!

Stay Encouraged.

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