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Fishing... A Lesson On Patience

As I am sitting here on the deck of the boat house with my Father we are actively engaged in the sport of fishing... however the fish are not so active. We have been at it since before breakfast and we are still fishing. My father is an active fisherman and will fish at EVERY opportunity. One thing that I noticed is that fishing requires a GREAT deal of patience. So far on this trip we have caught 3 fish. Each time, the process remains the same. Bait the line, cast the line, wait on a bite, reel in the fish, and unhook the fish. The process starts all over again each time. Honestly, given our limited supply due to being on a vacation, this is the only process to catch a fish. The steps remain the same. Sometimes the fish will bite sooner than others, and sometimes it takes a long time. Patience is what determines the outcome.

As inpatient as I would love to be, nothing feels better than the feeling of a fish tugging against that fishing line. All of the patience, and time it took to get there becomes instantly worth it to experience the adrenaline behind the catching of a fish. In order to catch that fish you have to be prepared.

I quickly equated the fishing experience to my professional career. I have been patient and preparing myself for years. Paper after paper, conversation after conversation, conference after conference, book after book, and heartache after heartache, I have poured myself into the wonderful world of education. I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is about to be my winning season. I like the fishermen, believe that my next opportunity is about to bite on the line. I have to be in position to reel in the opportunity to make it prosperous for my life. I am ready. Are you ready? Follow the process and watch everything come together for your good. Just like the rainbow in this picture, a promise of a better day is on the horizon.

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