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Life is Life... There's no shortcuts, no answer keys, other than the bible, and no way to predict what will happen. One thing for sure is that you must stay prayed up REGARDLESS to make it through. My momma charged me with taking care and watching after my brothers. She always saw us as her little boys. I guess what we didn't account for was what happens when the Boys become Men. With adulting comes the opportunity to make decisions. Some decisions are better than others.

Before I continue, if you are here to offer judgement or gossip leave now... Nope, I change my mind... keep reading. My brother made a bad decision. A decision that was definitely inspired by some others that did NOT have his best interest at heart. My brother became addicted to drugs. It's a problem that invades millions of families. Not talking about it doesn't make it go away. His life began to spiral out of control. It spiraled so bad that several visits to the hospital were made, and ultimately a near death overdose episode that led to a change being necessary. Thankfully, his church family decided to take a stand and help get him on the road to recovery. I am eternally grateful.

My brother was surrounded by Christians that cared and did something to help him... Not gossip and get on facebook and talk about what he needs to do while their own family members just haven't got caught yet... (Get back focused... ) His church showed him the love that Christ has for us all without the lense of judgement. He is now at the Foundry ministries in Bessemer Alabama. He will be able to receive the rehabilitation services he needs while also getting off ill prescribed medication and encounter Jesus Christ.

Although I wish his path to get this help was different, but I am glad that he's getting what he needs. I got to visit with him. He looks, sounds, and is better all around. I'd rather be a part of planning a turnaround instead of a funeral.

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