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Gulf Coast Challenge Classic- HBCU Love

Some people don't understand the importance of HBCU's in our society. I am product of an HBCU. Alabama A&M University, the home of the Bulldogs from Normal's Hills provides a superior experience for all students in education. I received several scholarships when I graduated from high school, however AAMU gave me the most money, and was a childhood dream of mine.

I learned so many things at AAMU. I learned of course about my undergraduate studies, but I learned about myself as a person. I also gained a new family of fellow bulldogs that have impacted my life beyond compare. Alabama A&M University... Start Here Go Anywhere!!!

Pictured here you see so many successful examples of the power of HBCU's. Sidonia Myles, Justin Kennedy, Anthony Hunt, Kristen Campbell, Quentin Carter and myself are products of the legacy of William Hooper Council. In this picture you see an engineer, three educators, two business leaders, several advanced degrees, an outstanding alumni that holds a MBA, and two proud alumni that hold doctoral degrees. There are so many other pictures and stories that could be told. Not just limited to Alabama A&M University, but all HBCU's.

HBCU's are life giving institutions. We are a family. We support our university. Most importantly, We Support Each Other.

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