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Happy Birthday Dr. Lee


Birthdays are huge to me. I remember growing up waiting on this day for an entire year. The anticipation of being celebrated on a day just for existing. I remember my mom pulling together whatever resources she could to make the day special. Lord I miss my mother...

Today, I celebrate being 39 years old. 39 years of joy, pain, laughter, hurt, success, failure, hope, defeat... but most importantly... 39 years of NEVER GIVING UP! There was times when it would have been easier to just throw in the towel and be done, but I continued to keep going. If you find yourself having similar thoughts while reading this blog, I encourage you to keep going forward and don't ever give up!

There are so many people that I want to recognize today, and I probably will accidentally leave some people out. It's my Birthday so charge it to my head and not my heart.

To the 3 women that gave me their all; My Granny (Emma Pauline Evans), My Momma (Edna Ruth Stone), and My Aunt (Rhonda Evans). They will always have a special place in my heart for the sacrifices that they made to make me who I am today.

To my brothers; Nick, Matt, Skylar, Paul, and Shingin. I love you! You all know the struggles and the triumph! Thanks for being my brothers.

In narrowing down 10 people from my childhood that I would love to spotlight it would be Mr. Archie Stewart, Mr. George Cobb, Mrs. Ollie Meade, Mr. Jeptha Moody, Mrs. Betty Bates, Mrs. Catherine Waggener, Mrs. Carolyn Jones, Dr. Gary Speers, Rev. Sam Walker, and Mrs. Pat Moore. There are so many more, but these people really poured into my life, and I recall conversations, or actions from them when I am having a tough moment.

To my friends; (apologizing in advance... it's so many of ya'll) Ant, Joi, Quen, Justin, BJ, Goodloe, Skinner, Nigel, Tim, Jason, Jonathan, Katrina, Kristin, Nicole, Nikholle, Ashmond, Arthur, Paul, Ced, Emily, Brittanni, Jessica, Devon, Larry, Eric, Jacory, Anissa, Bria, Sheryl, Sasha, Sheroderick, Kenny Ray, Kesha, Jason L, Christopher, Brian, Malon, and countless others... You know the story... You know the pain... and you still choose to love me as a friend... Thanks!!!

To my students (former/present)

Thank you for trusting me with your life! It's a joy to serve as an educator. I pray that I do or say something to make your life better along the way. I will always be here for you!

To my family;

Anita- Thanks for making me a husband! I love you! Your support is undeniable. You allow me to soar because of your love for me. Thank you for being my love!

Kiesha- I would not be here today without you. Having you was a great joy in my life NO MATTER WHAT OTHERS THOUGHT. I grew up so much because of you. Thank you for giving me grace. I love you!

Cass- My Son! I love you! Thank you for allowing me to fix so many things about how I grew up. You will always be my buddy!

Aniya- Baby Girl! I love you! You are the special glue that holds our family together. Continue to light up every room with your personality.

Last but not least... To GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!

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