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Help When Needed Most


I remember it like yesterday. The day my mother died, I was at school. I was walking the halls of Talladega County Central High School just like any other day. I remember going into a few teachers classrooms and engaging with the students. Mr. Eric Lavender was serving as my assistant principal that year.

I got a phone call from my brother that told me momma was in the hospital and I needed to get there. There was a different tone in his voice. I spoke to Lavender, which I think he already knew what was about to take place, about having to leave and he rushed me out the door. I left Talladega and made it to Scottsboro in about 75 minutes. It is normally a 120 minute trip. No Judgement... I was extremely nervous on the road, but I had to go see my mom. Little did I know it would be the last time on this side of the earth. My mother won her 9 year battle with cancer after being given 2 death sentences of 6 and 10 months.

Fast forwarding through all of the painful stuff, to some happy stuff...

My students, faculty, and central office administration supported me beyond belief. My superintendent attended my mother's funeral. That in itself was amazing. My kids sent me all kinds of messages, thoughts, and prayers. They even tried to get a bus to take them to the funeral. One of Mrs. Pittman's classes took up money for me to buy snacks. It was only about $11 bucks, but it seemed like a million to me. My faculty took off of work and came to the funeral as well. I argued with Mahand every single day, but he was one of the first people I saw when I entered the church.

I can't say too much about Eric Lavender without getting emotional. I couldn't figure out why he was sent to be my assistant principal until after reflecting on my mother's death. Eric Lavender... Thank You for everything.

Things I learned.

Schools stick together during times that really matter. As a building administrator, I relied on the resilience of the students to make it through that tough moment in my life. My mother's death helped me connect with a student one year after her passing. You have to use what you got to make a difference.

To those who helped... thank you... TREMENDOUSLY

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