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If only you knew...

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Transparent Post: If Only You Knew...

As I watched myself during the interview last night with Cedric the Entertainer, and MC Hammer, I had an overflow of emotions that I didn’t expect. I recorded the show about two weeks ago. I knew the content, but last night I almost couldn’t control it. I was happy, sad, proud, nervous, anxious, and down right excited all at the same time. Above all... I was extremely humbled.

My family has been my source of strength... after every bad day, I come home to my family and they put me back together again. My daughter Aniya sat with me as we watched the show. She was telling me how excited she was to see her Daddy on tv, and yep tears began to flow. I did my best to hide them, because I’m a G... but I was so moved. My entire family was there to support me... but not just my family, the families of Aniyah, Zay, Jayden, and Jessica. We were all a big family watching the show “in style!” I will cherish that moment for life!

If you only knew the long days and nights that I have had wondering if I’ve made an impact... If you only knew the internal struggles I’ve had to overcome to function... If you only knew the pain of not being able to call my momma to tell her about my journey... If you only knew that I was once a full time single dad (3 years) of a 8year old girl. If you only knew...

What if... what if you knew that your yes was on the other side of your pain? What if you knew that because of your determination, life was going to turn around? What if you knew that you will always win in the end?

To every person reading this post that has a dream, vision, goal, or thought... DO IT! People laughed at me back in 2008 when I put DrLee on my car tag. I did it to speak over my life daily about not who I was, but what I would become. WHAT YOU TELL YOURSELF ABOUT YOURSELF MATTERS!

Having a viral video is cool, but having a message is essential.

Momma( Edna Stone ) it still doesn’t seem real or even fair... I miss you so much. I hope I kept my promise to you... the world will know about you!

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