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Memories of My Momma

This Mother's Day is extremely different. I am not sad as I am normally. I actually snuck away and cried a little bit yesterday. Today, I'm choosing to celebrate the memory of my mother's life. My mother was and is a legend in her own rights.

I thought about which memory I should share. As with life, there are some fantastic memories that make me laugh until I cry, and then there are also some memories that drive me to tears from grief... I think I have the perfect memory that I would like to share. It's a memory that is special to me, and I hope you enjoy this reflection of my mother.

Growing up, I thought of my mother as a magician. She was able to make things happen when it didn't appear to be any feasible way. I remember coming home to meals from our favorite restaurants growing up: Captain D's, and Krystals. My mother took what she had and made it happen for ALL 6 of her boys. My mom was a realist, and took time to instill valuable lessons in all of her boys, and her adopted sons too. Many people don't know, but if you were close friends with ANY of Edna Ruth's boys... she became your mom and adopted you. (Ask Joi, Quent, Ant, Carsten, Blake, Jason, Justin, Donald, and a ton of others) I would love to bring my friends home. My momma, granny, and Aunt Rhonda would cook just for the fun of it. My Granny's dressing is still unmatched.

My mother took pride in cooking. We didn't realize she was such a good cook until I went to college. During my senior recital, my mother wanted to cater it. I was nervous because that was a big job. Honestly, I doubted she could pull it off. If you knew Edna Ruth, you knew that she did not care about a clock. She was late for everything. I'm still surprised her funeral started on time. My mother handled that reception like a boss. She brought in car loads of food and decorations. I was blown away, but also so proud of my momma at the same time. She made homemade cocktail sauce simply standing there. Yes we had shrimp!

We didn't have a lot of resources growing up, but we had a ton of love and support. My mother took joy in feeding people, especially for her favorite son. (ME) I remember she worked on that reception up until it was time for her to get dressed and sit in my recital. Did she understand any of the musical compositions that I played? NO. She probably could have cared less, but because it was me, she bobbed her head as if she knew the composers who wrote the music. I was so pumped to have her there.

At the end of the recital, I called her up to the stage to present her some flowers and an award. My mother gave me a hug. It wasn't a normal hug, it was a hug that I have never forgotten. During the hug, she whispered in my ear "I'm so proud of you. You have made me proud. I love you." After that, she began to cry and I thought she was going to catch the holy ghost and shout. My mother didn't mind shouting in church at all. I still remember that white suit and the white hat she wore to the recital.

I needed to hear those words from my mother. Sometimes we all need a little bit of encouragement to continue our journey. Her words still stick with me today. I know she is proud of me. I can feel it. My mother's catering was the way she showed love. I received her love, and so did my friends.

Today, and everyday, I celebrate her life. I celebrate her legacy, and I celebrate the example she showed us all. Give until you can't give anymore... but take time to be refueled by God.

I miss my mother something terrible... but I know that God doesn't make a single mistake. I'm thankful that he gave us such an inspirational person to teach us about how to live.

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