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Miracles Signs and Wonders

The guy in this photo is Mr. Jonathan Macon. We met back at Alabama A&M University. He was a very good sousaphone player that was full of spunk and pride. He was from Birmingham, and back in those days, it seemed that B'ham thought they ran the band. Moving forward we became brothers through B Phi B, Sousaphone Section of the Marching Maroon and White Band. He eventually became section leader, and I was not the best section member... (I was a bit immature). I gave every section leader problems. (it was fun)

Earlier in this year, we received messages that he was missing and to pray for him to return. I was shocked. He was never the type person that would be involved in any kind of scandal like that. He was a good genuine dude. A day after the "amber" alert was released, his location was found. He had a car accident. (see to the left) The car accident left him in a very bad state. So bad that his chance of living had reached 1%. Now just look at him.

His mother posted this on Social Media:

"To God be the glory after being in UAB Bham hospital and the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Ga for about two months look at God. Having been told he had 1% chance to live, in a coma, on the ventilator, pneumonia, feeding tube, a Trach, brain injury, pressure and temperature out of control. Look 👀 at Jonathan now walking, talking, eating all by himself has no wheelchair, no cane, no assistance needed."

This is a miracle. So glad to see that he is going to make a full recovery.

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