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My First Official Blog

I've been contemplating blogging for quite some time. I received a phone call from Dr. Vicky Ozment that was words to my ears. I had a dream about blogging a few weeks ago. In the dream, I saw another person blogging. When I woke up, I called that person and encouraged them to blog. Little did I know, that message was for me. It has been a few weeks since that occurred, and now I realize the intent. Dr. Ozment's words were not new to me, but they took on a different meaning. It was like a dove ascended on my shoulder. It became crystal clear...

Now, here we are.

The purpose of this blog is to share and help encourage other educators across the globe. This is not just a administrator page, as I will share stories and information from my time inside the classroom as well. I am excited about this opportunity to share and allow the world to take a walk in my shoes.

I promise to be transparent and honest with all of my blog posts. Some blogs will make you laugh, while others will bring you to tears. For example, as I sit here typing this introductory post, my eyes are filled with tears. Some from watching my most favorite movie in the world "Lean On Me," the other tears come from something I witnessed today at school.

Sure... I'll share.

My leadership team decided to take a stand against bullying and suicide. They decided to put up pictures of students that committed suicide due to bullying. The concept is beautiful, however it did create a lot of conversation around both topics. To make a long story short... One of my teachers overheard a student negatively talking about how everyone who committed suicide was stupid and it was stupid to post the pictures. The teacher that overheard her addressed the situation because it was very near to her heart. It was near because her mother committed suicide. The student had no idea. After I spoke to the student, she shared a story about her family and how her family experienced a tragic death that involved suicide. The student asked to go speak to the teacher, and I allowed. The teacher was so moved by her apology it brought her to tears. As soon as she began to cry, the student rushed to her and gave her the biggest hug. The two sat there and apologized to each other and had a heart to heart conversation. During the conversation, the teacher reaffirmed the student as a leader. It was beautiful... I was holding back tears...

Closing thoughts, as educators, we can't miss the opportunities to allow our students to grow as GREAT human beings. Even though the initial confrontation was very rough, the end product created a beautiful opportunity for two people to heal.

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