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Rest In Peace Uncle

My Uncle Mr. Calvin E. Evans passed away on February 14, 2019. I will miss my uncle terribly, however I must be honest about his life in my opinion. My uncle spent a great amount of time incarcerated. It's nothing that I am proud of, and also something that I am not ashamed of. He was human, and he made a very bad mistake. I have no Heaven nor Hell to put him in. He was still family and loved by his family.

I was actually in Huntsville on the day of his passing for a recruiting opportunity at Alabama A&M University. I was able to see him be placed in Hospice the night before his passing. Had I not been in Huntsville, my aunt (who is basically my mother) would have been alone and forced to face this grief alone. We went to his room and visited him one last time before he passed. I prayed with him and asked God to forgive his sins. His mind was pretty much gone by this time, and he was struggling terribly to breathe. We joined hands and prayed. As soon as the prayer was over, I saw his eyes roll in the back of his head. In my mind, that was his way of saying goodbye.

We had a very nice homegoing service for my uncle on that Sunday. My wife, daughter, and cousin created a choir for the music. It was an amazing time of worship not just for the family, but for those in attendance as well. Despite the confusion over who would pay for the musicians... it was a great time of celebration of his life and the spirit of Christ. I will not address the musician issue as I have grown as a Christian and you can't put a price on the presence of God.

Rest on Uncle. I pray your eyes opened in Heaven to see Granny and Momma.

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