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See You Later...

Tikerah Davis, or Tikey as we all called her, was a GREAT student, and EVEN BETTER Friend to her classmates. Tikerah was very good at whatever she did. She did not stop until she gave it her all. I met Tikey when I came to TCCHS as band director back in 2006. She was an 8th grader. Over the course of the years, she was involved in EVERYTHING. She was an all around good person. She wanted so bad to be a member of the TCCHS Danceline. Her senior year, her dream came true. Tikerah worked extremely hard as a member of the TCCHS band. She took pride in her role as a Danceline member. She always had a smile on her face.

Tikey was also very creative. She dreamed about fashion. Before she even got on danceline, she use to sketch uniforms. She even made her prom dress. Her creativity was amazing. Thinking back on my memories as band director, and realized that she was in many of my memories as a teacher. Tikerah leaves behind 2 children. Two children that I pray will carry on her legacy in love.

I have been asked by the family to say a few words at her service. Honestly, I am honored, humbled, and nervous all at the same time. What do I say? How do I say it? There are so many things I want to say... I worked on the speech for a few days, and decided last night, after going in the basement to have another moment to gather my thoughts, that I would not plan anymore. I will simply say what is on my heart at that moment in time. I know Tikey would understand.

Rest Well!!!

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