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Talladega County Central High School Homecoming Celebration

I did not get a chance to attend TC's Homecoming this year, but by the looks of the pictures, it was AMAZING!!! As you know, I am the former principal of TC for three years before taking on Childersburg. I also was the former band director at TC for almost 7 years. To say I have history with TC would be an understatement. I served there so long, I feel like Alumni.

These photos are just a few from the Homecoming Tailgate. We started doing tailgating when I was principal. I always envisioned it looking exactly how it looks in these photos. TC has a rich heritage and a pride that will never be denied. I am so excited to see the continued growth on campus, and even more impressed with the OUTSTANDING support from the community. The Alumni donated over $16,000 to the school for homecoming. That amount alone was more than we had when I was principal. GREAT Job!!!

Listed below are some words I shared on Social Media after being tagged in a photo.

Long Honest Post (emotionally charged) (I didn't get to tag everyone... but you get the picture.) TCCHS is a GREAT institution of learning... not only for the students but for the educators as well. I came to TC as a hot headed college kid from AAMU that was bound and determined to make a change in the world. TC taught me more than I will ever be able to repay.

I remember having days after school and Jacory Cross Anissa Watkins Jennifer Stockdale Jamal Garrett Russilyn Hardie, Martice Garrett (way too many others to name) all would stay after school for hours on in regardless if we had practice or not. I remember trying to get Robin Swain, Kiara Calhoun, Brantavia Garrett, (way too many others to name too) to march like the AAMU dance girls. I remember trying to get Shaq Turner, Tyler Armbrester, Tristian Garrett, Brandon Marquese Waites, Kris Bill, Keenon Calloway, Bria Tuck, Shaneek Miller, Kayla Maria Shepherd, Antonio Montrell Gooden, Courtney, and (Way too many others) to sound like the little HBCU that we were.

I came back to TC to take the helm as principal. The community was unsure at first, but began to believe in the vision to make the school live up to its original creed as defined by the Alma Mater. ( I still remember it). TC was in trouble academically, and I was honored to lead the mission to get it back on track. Within one year, we did what people considered to be impossible. We got off of the failing school list without additional funds, programs, or publicity. We WORKED HARD. We went from the bottom of most categories to the top 3. I loved working with some of the best educators Tim Gallahar, Deborah Gover, Sasha Garrett, Acardia Garrett, Chris Mahand, Yvonne Glenn, Iris Jemison, Sandra Turner-Tuck, Christy Smith, Sheryl Simmons Goodson, Robert Duncan, Kerwin Allen, and others I can't tag.

Homecoming is a special time. I hope that EVERYONE enjoys the spirit of TC's homecoming. It's a time to celebrate community! Celebrate the accomplishments of the school built on pride and love. Celebrate the donation by the Lawson's many years ago!!! Celebrate TC!!!

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