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The Abbotts Take Flight

The Wedding of Kellie Prather and Wibert Abbott was nothing short of AMAZING. This young adventurous couple are destined for great things. I first met Wilbert back in 1999 when I became a member of the Marching Maroon and White Band. There was something different about him that I really liked. He was, and still is, a man of few words but those words are hilarious. Wilbert played french horn and I played tuba. (Concert Season) His section sat in front of us during the Wind Symphony. As a very mature musician, we would mess with their section during breaks while the great Arthur B. Wesley was not looking. GREAT Times. Wilbert was line brothers with one of my best friends Justin for Kappa Kappa Psi (Honorary Band Fraternity). Wilbert was one of the guys that I definitely kept up with over the years.

The "Delegation" takes yearly trips together. We normally visit somewhere that has a beach. Miami has been our go to spot for years. It just so happened that Wilbert lived in Miami. He was a GREAT host. We even stayed at his house one time. The first year we went to Miami he became our elected tour guide and tried to provide us guidance. He actually had us walking about one mile in the wrong direction of the beach. We didn't care, it was Wilbert and we trusted and cherished our time with him. Over the years Wilbert has always been a great friend. I can always depend on him to watch my snaps and send me messages.

I met Kellie during our last Full Delegation trip to Miami. She came to our condo right before we departed for a night of fun. She joined right in with our brotherhood. She became a sister instantly in one night. Kellie attended Tuskegee University and definitely knew how we get down in the HBCU world. It's amazing to connect with people and develop a true friendship. I actually knew that night that she would be the one that Wilbert married. I just felt that vibe. She complimented my brother Wilbert very well. She was educated, poised, gorgeous, and knew how to have fun. It was apparent that she really loved Wilbert.

I received my invitation to be in their wedding shortly after the engagement was made public. I was very excited and honored. Based upon Kellie's impeccable taste and Wilbert's wallet, I knew it would be a wedding to be in. The whole weekend was phenomenal. The venue was amazing, the bride was flawless, the wedding attire was second to none, and the vibe of the whole evening exuded class. Three other of my best friends were also in the wedding. (Anthony, Justin, and Skinner) It gave us a time to check in with each other and have a mini reunion. My brothers are very special to me. It also gave my wife and I an opportunity to have a weekend getaway. We met another amazing couple and had a date night at Bowlero. Fun Fun Fun!!!

All in All. I wish the Abbotts a lifetime of success. I know that they will keep God first and everything else will fall into place. Love you guys!

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