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The Power of Believing in Yourself

This Blog is Not Sponsored by Quentin Carter... it is however inspired by him. Quen and I have been friends since sometime back in 1999. If you went to Alabama A&M University anytime between 1999 and 2004 you definitely knew Quentin Carter. He was a people person. He never met a stranger, and made each person he knew feel as if they were truly special. It's a trait that he still carries today. Quen has been extremely successful as a businessman, son, friend, fraternity brother, visionary, and as of here recently realtor.

I dare not tell his story. He has a "sho nuff" testimony that he will release. HOPEFULLY IN A BOOK. But just know that Quen made a huge leap of faith, and God did just what he always does... he provided. I'm so proud of my friend. He took a two week course for real estate and passed the first time. That in itself is something to celebrate. He also listed his first property and had an offer within 24 hours. Again something to celebrate.

His brand is #BetterLiving. He does it all; clothing, hair, travel, event planning, financial literacy, and now real estate. I can remember #BetterLiving in its infancy state. He spent tireless hours creating not just a hash tag, but a way of life. Now I honestly believe that BetterLiving has met its purpose through real estate. Quen is so passionate about everything he does, but this Real Estate company is truly his joy.

Through his story I am reminded to DREAM and to NOT let go of a DREAM. No Matter how much it may cost, your dreams are priceless. Pursue your dreams with excellence. We all have two options... we can talk about it or be about it. Quen your example of being about it has ignited a stronger desire to accomplish goals in your circle of friends. We Salute and Celebrate YOU my friend.

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