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Tis the Season...

As families across the world celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ... things are a little different at the Lee household. Don't get me wrong, we absolutely celebrate our Lord's birth, and we definitely shower each other with gifts to show our extra love and appreciation. This year... things have been put on a hold. As a high school principal, I come in contact with various things on various days. I've been on the frontline with a small outbreak trying to control the population. I didn't think I was invincible, but I did think I was proactive. On December 18, 2020 I tested positive for the coronavirus. I was devastated. How could this happen? I mean, I am the main person that wears a mask, keeps distance, always has sanitizer, and continuously sprays lysol... but as cautious as I was... I wasn't cautious enough. COVID is real. Please follow the suggested guidelines.

My symptoms have been mild (Thank You God). I've experienced migraine headaches, body aches, fevers, and coughs. My tastebuds never went out officially, and I am still able to smell. I will definitely stick with these symptoms instead of having to go to the hospital like so many others. I am grateful. Today is actually day 8 of my quarantine. If you know me... you know that sitting still in one place is something that I hate. I'm getting rest.

My wife tested positive on Wednesday of this week. I hate that. She's done such a good job of taking care of me, and I was praying that she wouldn't become infected. Honestly, I can't say that she caught it from me. This thing is weird and untraceable. Follow the guidelines people.

The worst part of this whole ordeal is not having our kids with us for Christmas. They went to Huntsville with my wife's parents. They were going already to help us with childcare as we both were suppose to sing for our Church Service. Their 5 day stay has been extended.

I am so thankful that my wife's parents were able to give them Christmas in Huntsville. I was worried about my kids. They are having a blast. They look at it as having two Christmas Days. I was glad to see their smiles, but I rather had felt their embrace. We will recover.

COVID is real, and should be taken extremely serious. I'm still experiencing a few symptoms, but I'm prayerful and confident that I will have a full complete recovery.

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