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Wakanda Forever...

The news of the death of Chadwick Boseman affects me totally different than that of an avid Marvel Comics Fan. Honestly, I didn't understand too much of the movie Black Panther. Don't get me wrong, the story line was amazing, and the culture was second to none. I am just not a big comic book fan, and did not understand several of the underlying messages throughout the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the rich culture of excellence that was portrayed on the screen.

Chadwick died from colon cancer. I hate all cancers, but I absolutely despise colon cancer. That was the cancer that my mother fought with for over 9 years before she transitioned to be with the Lord. I have seen the drastic effects. I watched as my mother fought back tears to be "ok" for her family and friends. I watched as she lost all of her weight and was skin and bones. It was terrible to experience as a caregiver, but even more devastating to go through as the victim of the horrible disease. Continue to rest in peace Mom!

Chadwick produced some of the best performances of his career from a place of pain and triumph while going through chemo treatments. He NEVER showed any signs of weakness, and was honestly a hero for a generation of young black men that seek to change the world. As I look at pictures of him since his passing, I notice a special passion that resides in his eyes. His impact will touch generations for years to come.

Another reason I am deeply moved is because... Back in May I had my first colonoscopy. I know you are thinking that it may be too early... but with my mother's history, the doctor recommended it early. I was extremely nervous for the procedure. It was during COVID-19 so I was literally all alone in a room. No wife, no phone, no conversation, and I was scared. I was scared of what could be found. I was scared that my life could change in a matter of a few minutes. The results came back and I was so thankful. The doctor removed a polyp that was non cancerous, that would have turned into cancer without being removed. I was thankful. I felt as if early prevention helped save my life.

I encourage everyone to not be so afraid of the procedure that it causes you to miss out on valuable information. Early Detection is Key.

Rest In Power Chadwick. Your story will continue to be told for ages to come.

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