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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Sure, we all equate the term “where everybody knows your name…” with the popular sitcom Cheers, but there is so much more to that statement. This past weekend, I had the honor of accompanying two of my frat brothers on a fishing trip. I haven’t been in constant communication with either of the two in several years. I was super excited to get the invite, and just as excited about reconnecting with my old friends. Fishing is something that I have come to love since COVID-19. The reason I am not a good fisher, is the same reason that my son will be a good fisher… I didn’t have a father to teach me about fishing. I seek to teach Cass everything I know about fishing… granted it’s not much, it’s more than I received.

Upon arriving, it was like time has stood still. We picked up right where we left off. I felt as if this planned reunion was ordained. Professionally, I am known as Dr. Lee, or Quentin. My friends and family all call me Jerome. It’s my middle name. That in itself is a whole another blog post. Hearing “Jerome” was the vocal medicine that I needed. I needed to hear enduring terms surrounding my name, instead of my name being attached to a task or request.

We didn't catch a ton of fish. The only thing I caught was a walmart bag that was floating. Regardless of the lack of masses, we had a fantastic time. It was good to catch up with the laughs and to feel the fraternal bond of our old college days on the campus of AAMU.

In reflecting, we all need a place where people know our names. If someone truly knows your name, then most oftentimes, they know your character too. People that surround you should know things about you that define who you are as a person, and as a individual. Your character should always hold worth, and be considered an honor. In essence, people in your circle, should be so in

tuned to you that they will automatically know what sounds like you… and what doesn’t.

I challenge you to create a space for people to know your name, and to also reach out to someone else and let them know that you know their name. Does it cost a lot? NO. Will it change a life? YES. Being intentional about time despite the finances will uncover a multitude of emotional healing for everyone involved.

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