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Yellow Jackets 5 vs Lee 0

While trimming the hedges in my yard with a pair of scissors because I’m eco friendly, several aggressive And unsupervised yellow jackets decided to jump me. I was all alone, as I was reciting Scriptures to the hedges, and left to fend for myself. Jacob, the first one to attack, stabbed me with a machete on my foot. I was extremely stunned and tried to reason with him. After talking for several seconds, his homeboys Ethan, Chris, and James all attacked my leg. At this point I was extremely fearful that the end was near. I began to question them about their antics when Sarah, the last yellow jacket attacked my thigh. She was a female so I decided not to hit back. After using my ninja-like reflexes, I was able to run for my life.

I came in the house to find Ethan, James, and Sarah still attached to my clothing. I began to remember my days of preparation in elementary school, and I decided to stop drop and roll. During my perfectly executed roll, I was able to accidentally end the lives of James and Sarah. Ethan began to fly and tried another arial assault, I decided that enough was enough. I gathered myself together and decided to fight back. After several swats and tears of sweat, I defeated the demonic hornet, and humanity was restored.

I spent two hours in surgery, 2 days in rehab, and I’m still recovering.

A Gofundme Account will be established to help with my recovery costs. Real Story: They tore me up!

To see the REVENGE click here

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